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"We engaged Judi after a rocky start with another fractional CFO.  Judi was able to get our house in order from an F&A standpoint.  Judi was flexible to work with and understood where Predikto was at the time to keep our priorities aligned.  She has a great ability to stay at a high level and see the big picture while executing critical tasks ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.  Judi was able to support us through a round of VC funding and also through an exit by a Fortune 50 company." 


Mario Montag


Predikto, Inc.



"Judi has been an irreplaceable asset to me and the Board of Directors for several years.  She is always very engaged in any commitment she makes or any project she takes on.  Judi has the ability to see the 'big picture' which is a great benefit for any company.  Judi's background and capabilities are broad and her business acumen is excellent.  I highly recommend Judi as CFO for any organization."


Kathy Adams, RN, CRRN, WCC


Accord Services LLC



"Judi Vitale brings a 'can do' attitude to every situation.  I have come to admire her ability and willingness to tackle any problem.  She has the talent and experience to perform tasks ranging from simple bookkeeping to leading audits to analyzing complex operational and financial issues to advising the CEO and Board of Directors on complicated personnel cases.  Judi is easy to work with and has proven, time and time again, her goal is to provide her expertise to her clients in a way that is best for them."


Ralph Vogel

Managing Director, Coppermine Capital

Board of Directors, Accord Services LLC



"As a small private company, we engaged Vitale CFO to review and prepare quarterly financials, prepare board reporting documents, and transition us from cash-basis to accrual-basis accounting, while saving us the cost of a full-time CFO during a time in which cash was critical.  We then made the decision to do an IPO on the Australian exchange, again with the preservation of cash being critical until the IPO was completed.  Judi put forth an incredible effort to get us through a successful IPO.  As we transition to a full-time Finance & Accounting Staff, Judi is again going beyond the call of duty to make the transition successful.  Vitale CFO is an incredible asset to any small company needing quality financial reporting until a full-time Finance and Accounting Staff makes sense."


Stephen Snowdy, PhD


Visioneering Technologies, Inc.



"Two years ago, our business had hit a plateau.  In addition to running the company, I was doing all of our bookkeeping and that was consuming 2-3 hours of my time every business day (and an hour or two on weekends).

In addition, we only had cash-based financials, which gave us a great look at cash flow but did not give us a true monthly and quarterly look at our business performance.


Judi placed a talented bookkeeper to assist us on a half-time basis.  Judi serves one day a month as our CFO, reviewing financials and offering insights and suggestions.  All the time I used to spend on bookkeeping has been freed to focus on pleasing our current customers, adding new ones, and creating new services, and I finally have evenings back with my family.  In addition, Judi has a superb network of service providers for related services (accounting, legal, etc.) that we have found to be very valuable as well.  I recommend her and her firm enthusiastically and without hesitation."  


Steve Heckler




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